The 75th Annual Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner


The RTCA dinner is a night to honor our distinguished colleagues and celebrate an extraordinary year in Congressional broadcast news coverage. 


The RTCA executive committee presents several awards during the dinner: a lifetime/career achievement award; the Joan Shorenstein Barone Award, which recognizes excellence in Congressional and/or political reporting; the David Bloom Award, which celebrates exceptional enterprise, investigative, or enterprise reporting; and the Jerry Thompson Award, which recognizes an extraordinary career in photojournalism. 


RTCA Dinner 2019 Awards

*Submissions due September 30


The Joan S. Barone Award recognizes excellence in Washington-based Congressional or political reporting in the past year.  The award honors the memory of Joan Shorenstein Barone, a CBS producer known for her tenacity, detailed memory and relentless pursuit of answers from politicians.


The David Bloom Award celebrates exceptional enterprise, investigative or enterprise reporting done in the past year, with a particular eye toward journalism that is fresh, daring or undertaken in difficult circumstances.  The award honors the memory of David Bloom, a dogged, creative and gutsy correspondent and anchor for NBC News.

The Jerry Thompson Memorial Award recognizes extraordinary careers in photojournalism production, focusing on the qualities of selflessness, mentorship and commitment to quality.  The award honors the memory of Jerry Thompson, a longtime videographer for CNN known for his generous friendship, willingness to help others and consistently pushing above and beyond expectations.